Air Conditioning – Repairs and Maintenance

When you live here in the Tallahassee area, losing your car’s A/C can be one of the worst automotive problems you can experience, aside from a complete breakdown. Most vehicle air conditioning “melt downs” happen suddenly and at the absolute worst possible moment which is usually during a heat wave. When your air conditioner goes out, it can make your car or truck almost un-usable until repairs are done.

 When your vehicle’s air conditioning stops dead, you need an expert repair in a hurry—so you can get on with your work and life. At time like these, you can count on the professionals at P3 to make driving comfortable again.

 Even better, with annual maintenance, your air conditioning system and your entire vehicle can run trouble-free. How many miles does your car’s A/C have on it? Moisture and age are the enemies of your car or truck’s air conditioning system. To catch any automotive cooling system problems early, stop by P3 for quick and efficient maintenance services. We’ve helped thousands of local residents stay on the road over the past 25+ years. Just call on us for dependable auto air conditioning services. 

Warning Signs from Your Car’s Air Conditioning

 If you notice any of these telltale signs of A/C trouble in your car or truck, call P3 for service: 

  • Warning lights or indicators: Your Driver Information Center (DIC), if your vehicle has one, may display the status of vehicle systems including A/C. Check your Owner’s Manual or call P3.
  • The air conditioning isn’t as cool as it used to be. 
  • A/C starts out cool then gets warm. This is often due to a clogged expansion valve.
  • A strange smell is lingering in your car, such as mold or burning odors.    

Common Car A/C Problems

  • Refrigerant leaks. Freon often leaks through the o-ring or elsewhere after frequent use.
  • Mold or mildew can inhibit air flowing through your car air conditioning vents.
  • Clogged lines.
  • Loose or cracked A/C hoses. Hoses don’t last forever and loose blower hoses are very common.
  • A dead ventilation fan stops cooling system airflow in your car.
  • Loose seals on the blower housing or evaporator core, etc, can diminish the flow of air from your A/C. 
  • Condenser or evaporator damage can occur over time.
  • Compressor clutch problems. 
  • Vacuum leakage.
  • Failed solenoid or control module.
  • Blown fuse — sometimes it’s just a fuse!

Call on P3 for Car Air Conditioning Diagnosis and Repair

 At P3, we have experience with all types of car and truck air conditioning systems, from “vintage” equipment through today’s computerized vehicles. Whether your car or truck is old or new, we can make it comfortable again. Our team can inspect your A/C and diagnose the issue in a hurry. We have quick access to quality parts to repair your car’s air conditioner and we provide free estimates in advance.

Get Professional A/C Maintenance — and Stay Comfortable on the Road
If you haven’t had your A/C inspected in a long while, contact us for a maintenance appointment. At P3, we’re here to help you prevent inconvenience and expensive repairs. Avoid those unwelcome automotive surprises with P3 vehicle maintenance.


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