Innovations in Vehicles

Vehicles are evolving at a fast pace and becoming more technologically and electronically advanced each year. The materials that are used to build the cars are evolving as well. While these advances are making cars safer and more efficient, it’s changing the world of automotive service and repairs. 

Some examples of innovative features that have advanced the concept of a car are: 

°         anti-lock brakes

°         electric windows

°         electronic fuel injection

°         airbags

°         continuously variable transmission (CVT)

°         all-wheel drive  

°         computers

°         voice activation

°         bluetooth technology

°         remote starts 

All these innovative components are, in most cases, now standard. 

One example of innovative technology that is sure to revolutionize the automotive world is Hybrid vehicles. These use more than one form of energy to make the vehicle move. Computers and digital electronics manage the switch from one source of energy to the other. Electricity combined with gasoline engines are common sources of energy used in Hybrid cars. 

High Tech in the Mechanic’s Garage 

As cars continue to advance, there is the inevitable reality that there will be issues that require a mechanic. Routine maintenance will also continue to be necessary. Just as car manufacturers have had to retool to support the construction of these cars, so too must automobile mechanics if they are going to remain competitive. 

Some of the equipment you’ll find in the mechanic’s garage includes: 

      Computer Diagnostic Software: Computer software is used to interpret the error codes and gather real-time information from the car’s computer. This includes things such as fluid levels, absolute throttle position, intake manifold absolute pressure, and car’s coolant temperature. 

      Trouble Code Readers: Car computers save time in that they report what is malfunctioning in a series of codes. In order to translate these codes a trouble code reader is used. It is hooked into a port in the car’s cabin which displays the codes.

      Multimeters: These devices are used in determining problems in the car’s electrical system. Multimeters measure voltage, resistance, current, and the system’s frequency and duty cycle. This information helps the mechanic determine if the reason a car won’t start is due to a dead battery or a problem in the charging system. 

      Hydraulics: Tools that use hydraulics have been around longer than some of the other innovative equipment mechanics now use, but they are still very useful. Using the force of compressed gasses or liquids to produce force, hydraulics are used in car lifts and many power tools. 

Today’s Modern Mechanic – P3 Automotive 

Mechanics must keep up-to-date as this automotive evolution propels forward. Their jobs have transformed into time spent both under the hood as well as in front of a computer. Furthermore, it’s critical that mechanics are continually receiving training on the use of the tools and equipment used to work on these vehicles. 

Our team at P3 Automotive in Tallahassee understands this and is very proactive in attending educational workshops and trainings. We also know that there are countless numbers of cars on the road ranging from state-of-the-art with all the advanced features to cars that don’t even have a radio.

P3 handles the whole gamut with expertise and quality. 

We pride ourselves with keeping up with the changes so we can meet your needs regardless of what type of vehicle you drive. We have the technical capability to handle low-tech, high-tech, and everything in between. Give us a call at 850-877-8811. We look forward to getting to know you and your car.