P3 Automotive: Radiator and Cooling System

Keeping your cool in the Tallahassee area can be a challenge–and it’s unhealthy for your car to overheat, too. Your radiator and related components are all that stand between you and a roadside breakdown. 

Prevention is important, because allowing your car to overheat can do more than fray your nerves; it can cause serious damage to the vehicle. For these reasons, be sure to have your car’s cooling system serviced on a regular basis. 

What Does the Radiator Do? Radiator and Cooling System Components

  • Radiator: Re-cools coolant that has passed through the engine for recirculation.
  • Hoses: Rubber radiator hoses move the fluid through the cooling system and must be replaced before becoming old, brittle, bulging and cracking. We recommend replacing hoses every 4 years even if no holes are visible, because there may be hidden deterioration occurring inside the hoses.
  • Water pump: This belt-driven pump sends coolant through the system.
  • Thermostat and housing: Controls the flow of coolant to cool the engine more or less as needed.
  • Electric cooling fan: Pushes air through the radiator when you’re not moving fast enough to cool down the engine.
  • Thermo-time switch: This fan switch is the temperature sensor that controls the electric fan, turning it on when needed. 

Do You Have a Cooling System Problem? 

Check your coolant reservoir level regularly but never touch or open a hot radiator cap. If coolant is low, add a 50/50 mix of the proper antifreeze and distilled water or pull into P3 Automotive. If you are nowhere near when your car overheats, stop driving immediately and wait until your car cools down and call us. Signs of an impending cooling system problem include: 

  • Dashboard temperature gauge rising toward the red danger zone
  • Coolant leak
  • Steam coming from under the hood
  • Hissing or pinging sounds under the hood
  • That burning smell of a hot/overheating engine 

Count on P3 for Cooling System or Radiator Repair 

Please stop by to have your cooling system inspected every year or 12,000 miles—or if you suspect a problem. We can check the hoses, coolant level and quality, look for leaks and any related problems. We can perform a coolant flush and fill to keep your car from overheating and replace any worn belts and hoses. If radiator or cooling system repairs or parts are needed, we provide free estimates and quick service.


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